Flea Control For Cats

The best way to control flea’s is to prevent them from getting onto your cat in the first place.

Thanks to ongoing research and development in veterinary parasite control, the goal of eliminating fleas on our cats, and preventing further infestations, has become much easier to achieve.

Products available for use in cats include insecticides and insect growth regulators. They come in in easy-to-use topical or oral forms, to not only eliminate existing fleas, but to also work long-term and prevent future infestations. These products work by either killing the fleas before they can reproduce or by preventing the flea eggs from developing into normal adult fleas.

Below is a list of safe and effective flea control products available to use in cats


A topical product applied to the back of the neck, used for the treatment and prevention of flea, control of flea allergy dermatitis and biting lice. It prevents the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae produced by adult fleas. Safe to use on cats and kittens from 8 weeks of age.


** Used once a month for flea control. While not registered for Paralysis Tick prevention in cats we find this product useful when used every 2 weeks through tick season (September – April)


Controls adult fleas when applied every 4 to 12 weeks; controls Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) when applied once a month, controls Paralysis ticks when applied every 3 weeks. Safe to use in kittens from as young as 2 days of age.



A once a month tablet which provides fast-acting and lasting relief against fleas. Starts working in 30 minutes killing the adult fleas and unlike some other flea treatments it can’t rub or wash off. Safe to use on cats and kittens from 14 weeks of age.



A tablet which provides fast-acting and lasting relief against fleas. Starts working in 30 minutes killing the adult fleas and unlike some other flea treatments it can’t rub or wash off. Will only last for 24 hours. Safe to use in kittens and cats from 4 weeks of age.



An injection given underneath the skin (subcutaneous) every 6 months. This product interrupts the flea breeding cycle by preventing the development of flea eggs and larvae. Acting as a growth control measure, adult fleas that feed on a cat treated with Program will produce eggs or larvae that don’t develop to the adult stage therefore reducing the number of fleas in the environment.

program injection

Consult our MVVH staff members for advice on the best product to use on your cat. As mentioned on our page “Understanding the flea life cycle”, thorough daily vacuuming of high-traffic areas and frequent washing of your cat’s bedding will also greatly reduce the flea population in the home. All other dogs and cats in the household must be routinely treated at the same time for the most effective flea control management.

Some flea control products are also effective against ticks – Such flea and tick treatments should be combined with daily searches for those cats who are frequently outdoors in areas with high Paralysis Tick populations, like we have on the Northern Beaches. Clearing grasses and removing leaves, grass clippings and other organic debris will also help reduce the presence of ticks by disturbing their natural outdoor habitats.

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