Dominique Both – Cert IV VN

Veterinary Nurse

Originally starting her studies in graphic design, Dominique’s passion for animals quickly drew her into a veterinary nursing career. Working over the years in veterinary practice’s in Newport and Lindfield, we welcomed Vet Nurse Dominique to the MVVH nursing team in November 2016.

Growing up in South Africa, she has now called the sunny Northern Beaches home for the last 13 years. Not forgetting her birthplace roots, she hopes to return to South Africa sometime to experience working with the large animals there.

Dominique has a passion for all things relating to surgery and most importantly patient recovery. She thoroughly enjoys helping animals feel better and caring for them when they are in hospital.

Her family consists of her human partner Spencer, Marley & Rusta, both Labradoodles and her two rescue kittens, raised from just a few weeks of age, Bo Peep and Tilly.

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Puppy Preschool

Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital’s Puppy School 5 week course is run by our Qualified Dog trainer Tara Thomas.

During this time the puppies will meet new friends and owners learn new skills to teach when at home, on walks, around at a friends place or just general living with your newest furry friend.

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At Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital our aim is to keep pets healthy!

Part of this is regular veterinary health checks (wellness checks) in which one of our vets performs a full physical examination to ensure that everything is working how it should be and to tailor a plan to ensure that everything stays that way!What happens at my pet’s Wellness Check?

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